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The hCG diet-- your way to a healthier you in 2024

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

The hGC weight loss method is a medically supervised program that consists of using a naturally occurring hormone (hCG) and pairing that with a low-calorie diet. The purpose of the hormone is twofold: blunting of the appetite and the more efficacious usage of fat for fuel by your body. This allows for faster and painless weight and inch loss.

At Helix Healthcare the hCG program is run and supervised by Dr. Bella Beraha M.D., a Board Certified Internist who trained in the science of hCG method in Argentina under Dr. Bellusio founder of the Oral hCG Research Center.

The program consists of a diet phase (4-8 weeks), followed by a maintenance phase. All instructions and materials (including the hCG tablets) are provided by Dr. Beraha. During the program you see Dr. Beraha on a weekly basis. Between visits she is available via email.

To begin the programme visit Dr. Beraha at Helix Healthcare for an initial consultation.

Call us for an appointment 345-749-4444.

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