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Foot care during the Covid-19 pandemic

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way all medical services must be delivered, including podiatry, for the foreseeable future.  Some scientists believe we'll have to practice some form of "social distancing", which I prefer to call "physical distancing" and wear face masks into 2022!

To continue with physical distancing (the most important social protocol to reduce the spread of Covid-19) in the medium to long term, and to ensure you remain healthy, you must quickly come to terms with telemedicine -- using the telephone for voice consultations, or better, using the common video/chat applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, or ZOOM -- to have a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider. Our new web site at offers a comprehensive online booking service for your convenience.

Avoiding foot pain so you can stay on your feet during this difficult time -- the kids are probably running you ragged! -- is important and Ray Anthony, podiatrist at Helix Healthcare is here to help.


Clinic appointments for urgent foot problems are available, i.e., severe pain, diabetics with open wounds, infections, and surgical redressings.

Unfortunately, all non-urgent, office-based procedures such as injections, cryosurgery treatments (skin lesions such as warts) and other procedures are on hold until further notice.

Child patients must attend the clinic with one adult only and no siblings, and patients with mobility issues must be accompanied by the least number of helpers required for care.

Clinic visits have been organised to reduce the number of patients in reception. When you arrive for your clinic appointment, you may be asked to remain in your car until called for by a member of staff.  In this way, we can ensure good physical distancing for patients.

To help protect your health and safety: 1) Plexiglas splash guards have been installed at the counter, 2) All touchable items, e.g., magazines have been removed from reception, 3) All surfaces in reception and in the consultation and treatment rooms are cleansed with Lysol between every patient, 4) Reception staff have been instructed to wear gloves and a mask, 5)  Your doctor will wear a mask and gloves, (and perhaps a face shield) during your consultation, and 6) You will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival, and you may also be asked to wear a mask during your consultation or treatment.

Note: Should you attend the clinic and the issue is not deemed by the podiatrist to be of an urgent nature, you may be asked to leave the clinic. Understand that this is for your own health and safety, and for the protection of our staff.


Many foot and leg issues CAN be diagnosed and effectively treated via a telemedicine consultation. To use our new, online booking system to set up a face-to-face consultation with Ray Anthony to discuss your problem, visit, click sign up in the top right hand corner of the screen to apply for Helix Healthcare online services and then book your consultation using our online diary. Although clinic visits related to the prescription of CUSTOM-MADE foot supports, i.e., gait analysis, casting, and fitting are now on hold, semi-custom or "ready-made" foot supports can be dispensed if necessary. Book a telemedicine consultation to see if your pain might benefit from ready-made shoe inserts, which may be picked up by a quick, in-and-out visit to Helix Healthcare. Damaged custom-made orthotic insoles may be dropped into the clinic for replacement if pain is experienced without them. However, repairs to worn orthotics are not being accepted until further notice.

Runners, athletes, sports persons: Get together with Ray Anthony on a TELEMEDICINE CONSULTATION if you're foot or leg pain is stopping your from training

-- even if it for just 90-mins/day!

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